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Others used their legal right of combining to petition Parliament for redress of grievances and the enforcement of legislation to prevent the encroachments on the traditional customs and wages of their trade which industrialisation brought (13, 14). Yet other societies of workmen seem to have existed quite openly as social clubs that could readily be adapted to trade purposes (15). Such groups regularly attempted to maintain an image of respectability (16,17,18). (I 2) 'Articles of Agreement. Made, concluded and agreed upon by the Amicable and Brotherly Society of Journeymen Millwrights, held at the Red Lion, Clements Lane [crossed out in original] Swan in Fish St.

33) NUGMW, Why An Incomes Policy? d. , The Trades Union Congress 1¢5, from the Guardian (Manchester, 1965) (36) TUC, Incomes Policy. Speech by George Woodcock, TUC General Secretary at a Conference of Executive Committees of Affiliated Organisations ... London . March 2 1967 (1967) (37) TU C, Econo mic Review and Report ofa Conference ofExecutive Co mmittees of Affiliated Organisations (1968) (38) RC on Trade Unions and Employers' Associations, Report, Cmnd 362 3 (1968 ) (39) Ibid. (40) Ibid.

2) An Act Touching Divers Orders for Artificers, Labourers, Servants in Husbandry and Apprentices, 1563, 5 Eliz. c. iv, Statutes of the Realm, IV No person after the aforesaid last day in Septem ber . . shall be retained, hired or taken into service to work for any less time than for one whole year in any of the sciences ... or arts of clothiers, woollen cloth weavers, tuchers, fullers, cloth workers, shearmen, dyers, brewers, hosiers, tailors, shoemakers, tanners, pewterers, bakers, brewers, glovers, cutlers, smiths, furriers, curriers, saddliers, spurriers, turners, cappers, hat-makers, or feltmakers, bowyers, fletchers, arrowhead-makers, butchers, cooks, or millers.

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