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The Pen-Pictures Of Modern Africans And African Celebrities: A Collective Biography of Elite Society in the Gold Coast Colony (African Sources for African History)

Within the past due Nineteen Twenties the Gold Coast businessman Charles Francis Hutchison released the 1st quantity of his publication titled The Pen-Pictures of contemporary Africans and African Celebrities. The publication comprises 162 biographical sketches of Ghanaians that have been vital in company, in society and the church, in executive, and in (nationalist) politics, either from Hutchison's personal time and from the 19th century.

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Skepticism and the Foundation of Epistemology: A Study in the Metalogical Fallacies (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History)

Can wisdom offer its personal justification? This sceptical problem - often called the matter of the criterion - is without doubt one of the significant concerns within the heritage of epistemology, and this quantity presents its first complete examine, in a span of time that is going from Sextus Empiricus to Quince. After a necessary creation to the notions of data and of philosophy of information, the e-book presents a close reconstruction of the historical past of the matter.

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163 [II, 1631]. 70 Clearly, immersion in such particulars is marginal, if not meaningless, outside the mimetic realm. Admittedly, details in the History that might strike the modern reader as quite trivial, are not necessarily so to the narrator: his conception of details and their function was most likely different, or at least his audience may have expected him to give such impression. Besides, much of reality’s details are, after all, quite banal. One might cogently argue that it is precisely the historian’s emphasis on the mundane and trivial that credits representation as “truly” mimetic.

Al-Aqra', 'Umar’s envoy to Nihàwand and the man in charge of the division of booty, describes the caliph’s emotional reaction upon receiving the news of the victory, and the martyrdom of Nu'màn b. ”61 Minutiae There is a marked disposition in the History to record all sorts of details, the intended effect of a great deal of which is to increase the narrator’s credibility. 62 They would have most likely been saddened to 58 History, vol. XIII, 183 [I, 2599]. History, vol. XIV, 139–40 [I, 2773]. 60 History, vol.

Thus, Balàdhurì (d. 2, s. v. ” History, vol. XXXVIII, 123–6 [III, 2226–30]. Rosenthal, the translator of this volume, pays attention to the anecdote but sees it as ˇabarì’s “literary taste” and fails to note its uniqueness. See “Translator’s Foreword,” XIII. v. ” 86 Petersen, 'Alì and Mu'àwiya, 180–81. 84 xxxiv introduction writing, supposes that the author’s concern not to antagonize the palace may have been the reason. ” Thereafter, the great history degenerates somewhat into an account of faits divers.

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