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This paintings gathers all older fufark inscriptions present in Denmark, Germany, England, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Bosnia, Rumania, Norway and Sweden. It comprises essays on early runic writing, the contexts of runic items, and a concept at the beginning of runic writing.

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Damaged or partially legible runes are given between round brackets: (m). Runes which have been lost, but which can be reconstructed from the context, are represented thus: [dæ]us or, if they are fairly legible: wihgu. Single runes which can be interpreted as an abbreviation of an entire word are represented thus: r[unoz]. Bindrunes are written bold and underlined: ga, me. The so-called ing rune: or is referred to as ing or ng in identifiable words and in fuπarks (Vadstena and Grumpan, for example).

Spread of second, third, fourth-century runic objects on the Continent, in Scandinavia, and in England. ) 26   Map 2. The Roman Empire and Germania Libera in the second century AD. (From U. ) CHAPTER TWO HISTORY, ARCHAEOLOGY AND RUNES 1. Introduction Runes and rune-bearing objects cannot be studied without giving them their proper place within the society that produced them. Establishing the outlines of this context forms an important part of this study. Artefacts exhibiting runes are recorded from the second century AD onwards.

The location or catalogue entry of this inscription, which is treated in this study, is in small capitals: B. A transcription includes punctuation and diacritical marks. All linguistic data and derivations like Go satjan, Gmc *sitjan are also given in italics. Quotations are between “double” quotation marks. ; runes which were apparently omitted by the runographer and which have been inserted by the runologist, are written between square brackets: [n]. Damaged or partially legible runes are given between round brackets: (m).

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