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By Germar Rudolf

Dissecting the Holocaust applies cutting-edge medical procedure and vintage equipment of detection to enquire the alleged homicide of thousands of Jews by way of Germans in the course of international battle II. In 22 contributions of every ca. 30 pages, the 17 authors dissect typically authorised paradigms of the ‘Holocaust’. It reads as interesting as a criminal offense novel. this can be the highbrow event of the twenty first century.

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After all, one must wonder how the recipients of coded orders would know when to take the wording of an order literally and when to go against it, and in which way – and all this in light of the fact that acting against orders carried at times very severe punishments in the Third Reich. 108 However, the establishment’s view of history, based as it is on the anti-literal interpretation of these documents, stands or falls with the answer to this question. While the issue 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 C.

Revisionists do not deny that the National Socialist regime deliberately, or at least through gross negligence, subjected the Jews in its sphere of influence to conditions which, in part, inflicted severe physical and mental harm, resulted in part in their physical destruction, and caused a deliberate reduction in their birth rate through the segregation of the sexes. Certainly, there is an argument between Revisionists about to what extent the government of the Reich was aware of the conditions in the concentration camps and ghettos, to what degree it approved them, failed to adequately improve them, or perhaps even promoted them, all of which would affect the judicial valuation of the National Socialist measures against the Jews.

As an example, cf. the accounts given in the standard work of Holocaust history by R. , Holmes & Meier, New York 1985. 95 Even where the National Socialists’ plans regarding the future of the Jews in their sphere of influence up to mid-1941 are concerned, there certainly are similarities in the views held by the Revisionist and the so-called functionalist school of historians. In light of the actual policies of the National Socialists, M. Broszat pointed out in 1977 that, aside from verbal threats on Hitler’s part, there is no evidence in political events until mid-1941 for any National Socialist plans for extermination.

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