Download Hell Hath No Fury (Multiverse, Book 2) by David Weber, Linda Evans PDF

By David Weber, Linda Evans

It all started with males. They got here from very various worlds—entirely different universes, in fact—one utilizing sorcery and the opposite utilizing psychological powers and steam-age expertise. They met in a virgin wooded area on a reproduction planet Earth. Neither aspect understands who shot first, yet every one blames the opposite, and it doesn't actually matter, now, simply because warfare has began.
War among the universes is the very last thing in charge leaders on each side wish. however the fury in their respective populations, xenophobic worry of the unknown, and cries for "justice" (or vengeance), are all using each side in the direction of the threshold. And unscrupulous, power-hungry men—and Arcana and Sharona alike—have agendas in their personal.
The fuse has been lit, and a conflict stretching around the universes, fought among dragons, spells, and crossbows and repeating rifles, computing device weapons, and artillery is erupting in white-hot rage and fury. the place it is going to end—and how—no one knows

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Download Wonder (WWW, Book 3) by Robert J. Sawyer PDF

By Robert J. Sawyer

"A author of boundless self belief and ambitious clinical extrapolation" (New York Times) concludes his mindbending trilogy.

Webmind-the mammoth recognition that spontaneously emerged from the infrastructure of the area large Web-has confirmed its worthy to humanity via helping in every thing from curing melanoma to easing foreign tensions. however the brass on the Pentagon see Webmind as a hazard that should be eradicated.

Caitlin Decter-the once-blind sixteen-year-old math genius who found, and bonded with, Webmind-wants desperately to guard her pal. And if she doesn't act, everything-Webmind included-may come crashing down.

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Download Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner PDF

By John Brunner

Norman Niblock home is a emerging govt at common Technics, considered one of a couple of omnipotent firms. His paintings is major basic Technics to the leading edge of world domination, both in and politically---it's approximately to take over a rustic in Africa.  Donald Hogan is his roommate, a possible sheepish bookworm. yet Hogan is a secret agent, and he's approximately to find a step forward in genetic engineering that would swap the world...and kill him.   These men's lives weave via one in every of technological know-how fiction's such a lot praised novels. Written in a fashion that echoes John Dos Passos' U.S.A. Trilogy, Stand on Zanzibar is a cross-section of an international overpopulated by way of the billions.  the place society is squeezed into hive-living insanity through god-like mega pcs, mass-marketed psychedelic medicinal drugs, and mundane uses of genetic engineering.  notwithstanding written in 1968, it speaks of 2010, and is frighteningly prescient and very powerful. 

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Download Rocannon's World (Hainish Cycle, Book 1) by Ursula K. Le Guin PDF

By Ursula K. Le Guin

This debut novel from preeminent science-fiction author Ursula LeGuin introduces her exceptional Hainish sequence, set in a galaxy seeded by means of the planet Hain with a number of humanoid species, together with that of Earth. Over the centuries, the Hainish colonies have advanced into bodily and culturally exact peoples, joined by means of a League of All Worlds.
Earth-scientist Rocannon has been prime an ethnological survey on a distant global populated by means of 3 local races: the cavern-dwelling Gdemiar, the elvish Fiia, and the warrior extended family, Liuar. but if the technologically primitive planet is unexpectedly invaded by means of a fleet of ships from the celebrities, rebels opposed to the League of All Worlds, Rocannon is the one survey member left alive. Marooned between alien peoples, he leads the conflict to loose this newly came upon international and unearths that legends develop round him as he fights.

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Download Lancejack (The Union, Book 2) by Phillip Richards PDF

By Phillip Richards

Andy Moralee isn't any longer the younger and terrified recruit who had final set foot upon New Earth years in the past. adorned for his bravery throughout the ultimate hours of the invasion and promoted to lance corporal, he's nonetheless stricken via his stories and haunted by way of nightmares. He reveals himself not able to deal with existence again in the world, and so he returns to the pink planet, the single position the place he feels he belongs.

But New Earth has replaced in addition. A becoming insurgency threatens to show the planet right into a battleground once more, yet this time the enemy has the power to soften away into the inhabitants, or even flip the Union's guns opposed to them. not anyone could be depended on, even previous friends.

Quickly swept up within the amassing typhoon Andy unearths himself within the command of a piece that resents his early advertising, and through the conflict that follows his management, his loyalty, or even his religion in his comrades are placed to the last word try out within the face of an enemy that might cease at not anything.

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Download Per Anhalter Durch Die Galaxis by Douglas Adams PDF

By Douglas Adams

Eines Morgens findet Arthur Dent vor seinem Haus Bulldozer - es soll abgerissen werden, um Platz für eine Umgehungsstraße zu schaffen. Er hätte ja die Möglichkeit gehabt, dagegen Einspruch zu erheben, wird ihm bedeutet.

Noch bevor er sich darüber so richtig auslassen kann, passiert etwas noch viel Schlimmeres: die Erde wird in die Luft gesprengt. Sie soll Platz machen für eine Hyperraum-Expressroute.

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Download A Woman of the Iron People by Eleanor Arnason PDF

By Eleanor Arnason

Lixia and the contributors of her human staff are decided to not disturb the existence on this planet circling the famous person Sigma Draconis which they've got began exploring. however the factions at the mom send soaring above the planet may possibly create an unintentional chaos for either the lifestyles on the earth and the people exploring it. because the anger raises at the send, the floor team turns into an increasing number of laid low with the clash and starts to depend upon their instincts to maintain the venture relocating ahead. unforeseen possibility plagues the venture as Lixia is decided to extend her wisdom.

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Download Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side (Star Wars) by Daniel Wallace PDF

By Daniel Wallace

In his quest for overall domination, Darth Sidious compiled six mythical darkish facet texts detailing Sith background and philosophy by way of Sorzus Syn, Darth Malgus, Darth Bane, mom Talzin, Darth Plagueis, and himself. jointly those records shape the Book of Sith. Over the centuries, the texts have been handed between strength clients who left handwritten notes and annotations within the margins, together with Darth Vader, Yoda, Mace Windu, and Luke Skywalker, between others. amassed by means of acclaimed Star Wars author Daniel Wallace and adorned via a number of esteemed Star Wars illustrators, this quantity introduces new characters and historical past, and delves deeper into realizing the philosophies and techniques in the back of the darkish aspect of the strength.

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Download The Hammer of God by Arthur C. Clarke PDF

By Arthur C. Clarke

One of the 35 e-book (digital-only) 2012 RosettaBooks releases comprising the total Arthur C. Clarke Collection.

A century into the long run, know-how has solved lots of the difficulties that experience plagued our time. despite the fact that, a brand new challenge is at the horizon—one more than humanity has ever confronted. a huge asteroid is racing towards the earth, and its impression may spoil all lifestyles at the planet.

Immediately after the asteroid—named "Kali" after the Hindu goddess of chaos and destruction—is found, the world's maximum scientists start their look for the way to hinder catastrophe. meanwhile, Captain Robert Singh, aboard the starship Goliath, could be the basically one who can cease the asteroid. yet this heroic position could call for the final word sacrifice.

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Download Fondation foudroyée (Le cycle de Fondation, Livre 4) by Isaac Asimov PDF

By Isaac Asimov

Now, 498 years after its founding, the root looked to be following the Seldon Plan completely. Too completely. Now an very unlikely planet -- with very unlikely powers -- threatens to disillusioned the Seldon Plan for strong except males, sworn enemies, can interact to save lots of it!

Prévoyant l'effondrement prochain de l'Empire galactique, le psychohistorien Hari Seldon a jadis crée deux Fondations, l'une officielle, l'autre occulte, afin de préserver los angeles civilisation d'une interminable période de chaos. Pourtant, cinq siècles après leur établissement, alors même que l. a. Première Fondation n'a jamais été aussi puissante, un nouveau protagoniste semble entrer en jeu, œuvrant dans l'ombre à l'insu de tous. Peut-être tient-il entre ses mains le devenir de l'humanité tout entière...

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