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I've got a lot excitement in writing a preface to Mr. Takatura Ando's booklet on Aristotle. except his intrinsic significance, as one of many 3 or 4 maximum of all philosophers, Aristotle is necessary on having given for plenty of centuries the best effect in moulding the concept of eu nations. The language trouble has doubtless avoided him from workout a great deal impression on eastern suggestion, and that i welcome very warmly to listen to that Mr. Ando is ready to have his publication published in Japan. i'm hoping it is going to be greatly circulated, because it needs to definite­ ly deserve that. W. D. Ross AUTHOR'S FOREWORD In publishing this publication, i can't limit myself of reminding the times and nights whilst it was once written. In that period of globally insanity, Aristotle's philosophy used to be the one shelter in which my depressed brain might come to lifestyles. It was once written little by little below all determined circum­ stances in the course of the battle time. My middle used to be set at the final touch of this paintings whereas the destiny allowed me to stay. It was once approximately conducted by way of the tip of the battle. Having no wish of survival, I buried my manu­ script within the earth, with no in spite of the fact that any expectance of a higher lot for it.

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7. 431 a 1, which is its proper position. It is possible that it appears here out of place, and that ch. 7 is its source. So also Kampfe, Kail, and Susemihl. 2 Hicks takes this to be that we individuals who are born and will die, do not remember the eternal act of active reason, because active reason is impassive and cannot be the object of memory. But this proves nothing, since what memory requires is the passivity of the subject, rather than that of the object. Further, he does not take account of temporality as a condition of memory, but if memory be taken as a kind of consciousness, to know God and to participate in His eternal thinking would in itself be to remember the active reason.

2. 405 a 17. None of the proofs that Nuyens presents against this view, is persuasive (op. cit. 285). Cf. also Gen. An. II. 3. 736 b 28: ov8iv yde avro6 rfi beeyelq. "owwvei uwpanld} bieye1a, which undoubtedly implies that vov' ia not mixed with the body. AGAINST BRENTANO'S INTERPRETATION 39 would be really inseparable from the body, and we should arrive at the ironical result that there cannot be any real separability among the parts of the soul. For, he insists that these are all attributes of reason in general, and that none of them signifies real separability from the body.

9 De An. III. 5. 430 a 14. 3 5 THE PROBLEM OF NOYE IIOIHTIKOE 29 While these two interpretations approach that of Theophrastus in so far as they reduce the vov' notr;n~6, to the individual, there is in the modern age another theory which resembles Alexander and Arabian philosophers. According to Ravaisson, 1 man has only passive reason. This is the universal potentiality in the world of ideas, just as the first matter is in the world of reality. On the contrary, the vov' notr;n~6, is the absolute intelligence, or the creative act which actualizes all potential forms and brings forth all thoughts.

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