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By Gad Freudenthal

This publication bargains an unique new account of 1 of Aristotle's relevant doctrines. Freudenthal He recreates from Aristotle's writings a extra entire concept of fabric substance which can clarify the troublesome components of how topic organizes itself and the endurance of subject, to teach that the hitherto missed inspiration of significant warmth is as imperative in explaining fabric substance as soul or form.

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PA 2. ; 2. ; GA 3. ; 86 Melapir. 1. 1, 980b21 f. 88 For what follows, d. , notably pp. 122-3, 135-7, 145-8. Labarriere, 'Imagination humaine et imagination animale' and 'De la pirronesis animale' give a similar, if more elaborate, interpretation. 53 89 Cf. Dierauer, Tier und Mensch, 136 n. 5 for passages in which animals are denied the capacity to deliberate. 90 References to HA books 7, 8, and 9 follow Balmei d, his Introduction to his edition a~d translation, p. 30. Thus 'HA 7(8), refers to book 7 of HA according to the ordermg suggested by Balme, corresponding to book 8 in the traditional arrangement of HA.

2. Theoretical COl/sequences: Intelligellce- Animal and Hutnan - and the Constitution of Blood We have now the basis on which to understand the ideas lurking behind Aristotle's most striking statement in this context, namely that thin and pure blood gives rise to a keen intellect (dianoia, PA 2. ). 87 These differences he holds to result from phySIOlogIcal differences: , The thicker and the hotter blood is, the more conducive it is to strength, while in proportion to its thinness and its coldness is its suita~ility ~or sensation and intelligence.

Of a choleric temperament, and liable to bursts of passion' (PA 2. ). Correlatively, animals whose blood is thick and heats easily are also courageous (2. 2, 648"10),82 whereas those whose blood is watery and more difficult to heat tend to be timorous (2. 11,692"23-4; cf. also GA 3. ; Rhet. 13, 1389b32). Aristotle concludes that the best possible blood is at once hot and thin, conferring as it does not only courage, but (for reasons we shall consider below) intelligence as well (PA 2. 2, 648"9).

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