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By George S. Claghorn

The goal of this research is to figure out Aristotle's angle towards the content material and approach to Plato's average technological know-how. Plato and Aristotle have frequently been considered as on contrary aspects of a philosophic 'Great Divide'. nonetheless, those that have came upon that the 2 males have been in contract have occasionally pointed out simply scattered situations of that contract. there's want for a brand new comparability of the 2 thinker- one that is restricted in scope, in response to the first texts, and that's systematic and thorough in technique. If profitable, this sort of comparability may convey into sharp concentration one section of Aristotle's reviews on Plato. Our try to meet this desire is Aristotle's feedback of Plato's TIMAEUS. In pursuing this examine, it's been essential to reject a few uncritically-accepted interpre­ tations of the Timaeus. opposite to the view of many, now we have concluded that Aristotle principally agreed with Plato, either within the ideas and presuppositions of his ordinary technological know-how. a few implications stem from this learn. there's, for instance, the oft-questioned demeanour within which Aristotle handled Plato's philosophy. within the nice majority of cases, Aristotle stands forth as a competent reporter and a talented critic. additionally, the research sheds mild on that historical riddle: no matter if Plato and Aristotle are essentially akin or at odds of their common philosophies.

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Substance with these properties is known as 'acid' 5. Whenever, by contrast, the moist particles enter the tongue, they oil its roughened parts. The tongue then relaxes and returns to the natural state. If parts of the tongue are unnaturally dilated, they contract; and those that are contracted dilate. Tastes such as these are most pleasant to everyone; they are the affection called 'sweet' (66a-c). Plato lists odors as the second set of qualities known through the sense organs. There are no fixed varieties here as there were in the case of flavors.

II, 2, 8). 'Matter' in Aristotle can, therefore, mean either the substrate or the particular simple body out of which a compound or thing is made. In the former sense, it is commonly called 'primary matter' ; in the latter, 'secondary matter'. Since Plato's simple bodies are described in geometrical terms, it will be well to compare his view of the meaning and value of mathematical analysis with that of Aristotle. As is well known, Plato was no novice in mathematics, and required students in the Academy to have a through grounding in the subject.

There is a unified agent, the God who geometrizes and introduces harmony wherever possible 20. But it was no mere visionary goal that Plato sought. His objecAristotle even follows Plato in the use of t7tbtEl)o~ in this passage. 7tepOl:~ or ISpo~. The word ISpQ~, which occurs frequently in the Prior Analytics, is found more rarely in the Posterior Analytics. This was taken by Solmsen to be the last link in Aristotle's gradual development from a Platonic view of form to something purely logical in implication.

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