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That particularly tensed-genealogical type of polar opposition is reserved for Earth and Heaven (126-127). There follows then the name of Tartarus (119), a phenomenon admittedly inferior in rank to Chaos and Earth (it is, after all, intimately connected with the latter) but important, I think, because it will eventually, in the structure of the universe, form the opposite of the realm of Zeus (720-721). 23 But the third real power that occurs in these lines is Eros, and it is here again, as with Chaos, that a logical 38 quality seems to enter Hesiod's poem.

121. 60. Ibid. pp. 20-21. Ibid. p. 75. 62. Ibid. p. 77. 63. Ibid. 64. Ibid. pp. 78-82. 65. Ibid. pp. 83-84. 66. Ibid. p. 85. 67. Ibid. 68. Ibid. p. 86. 69. Ibid. p. 87. 70. Ibid. p. 88 71. Schwyzer, op. cit. 640. "Die Differenzierung des ursprünglichen Präteritums . . in Imperfekt und (starken) Aorist, die schon in Indogermanischen begann, ist im Griechischen grundsätzlich durchgeführt". 72. Wackernagel, op. cit. 173. 73. Ibid. 179. "Hiernach würde der Aorist gesetzt, weil man von dem, was manchmal geschieht, denkt, dass es immer geschehen kann oder immer geschehen muss; das Beispiel der Vergangenheit diente dazu anzudeuten, dass etwas zu geschehen pflegt".

Ibid. 573-574. 44. The expression "privative" interestingly enough comes to us via Aristotle and Cicero. Cf. Wackernagel, op. cit. 284. 45. One could speculate that although words compounded with the alpha-prefix are in use at all times in the language, the meaning of the phenomenon is revealed more clearly in the earlier literature, for here it is easier to argue that an alpha-privative somehow includes its opposite (the positive). Its compounded nature supports this argument. 1) and may be traced back to IndoEuropean This distinguishing element belongs to a very old group of prefixes (Schwyzer, op.

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