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By Luis Navia

Luis E. Navia presents a entire exam of the information and contributions of a Greek thinker who was once influential within the improvement of classical Cynicism. according to either fundamental and secondary resources in addition to the findings of contemporary scholarship, it's a targeted contribution to the examine of Antisthenes. a huge thinker, purely English-language books approximately him were released within the final 80 years. together with his transparent and obtainable narrative kind, Navia succeeds in reconstructing Antisthenes' biography resurrecting this historical philosopher's principles as nonetheless proper to this day.

Navia describes an fundamental second within the background of Greek philosophy--the presence of Antisthenes as a pupil of the Sophists, an affiliate of Socrates, and the originator of the Cynic move. This precise learn of the primary resources, comprises an index of correct names, a bibliography of over 200 and fifty titles, and an appendix including an generally annotated translation of Diogenes Laertius' biography of Antisthenes.

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What transpired in the course of Antisthenes' long life is not an easy matter to determine. There are many conjectures, suppositions, and opinions, but hard facts are scarce. The testimonies provide for us some information about his activ­ ities, convictions, and character, but they must be treated with discrimination and caution. Nothing can be affrrmed about his early years, but in this respect he is not an exception. Ancient biographers tended to ignore the early years of those of whom they wrote, almost as if they had no significance.

Some of the characters of Plato ' s dialogues were foreigners or metics, and this includes many Sophists. Cephalus and his son Polemarchus, who appear prominently at the beginning of Plato ' s Republic, were immigrants from Syracuse, as were Lysias and Euthy­ demus. Judging by their style of life, nothing, except their exclusion from political parti­ cipation, d istinguished them from the citizens. 3. Lysias (c. , but it was taken away from him shortly on account of some informality in the process through which it had been given to him.

C. If this is correct, Diogenes Laertius' report has no historical value. Some, how­ ever, have allowed for the possibil ity that some dialogues may have been written while Socrates was alive. See in this connection E. Brehier, The Hellenic Age. Translated by J. Thomas (Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 1 965), p . 90, and W . T. Stace, A Critical History of Greek Philosophy (New York : St. Martin ' s Press, 1 967), p. 1 66. 42. For a comprehensive study of the Socratic problem, see Navia, The Socratic Presence: A Study of the Sources (New York : Garland Publishing, 1 993).

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