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The first goal of this examine venture is to obtain a deeper basic wisdom of acoustic cavitation and cavitation chemistry, and in doing so. to check how ultrasonic irradiation should be extra successfully utilized to environmental difficulties. the first goal could be comprehensive through reading various facets of sonochemical platforms and acoustic cavitation. through the process the venture, the learn crew will examine sonochemical kinetics and reactive intermediates, the habit of heterogeneous (solid liquid) platforms, and the importance of actual variables in the course of sonolysis. an extra section of the undertaking comprises using a number of recommendations to photo cavitation bubble cloud improvement.

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Sila-difenidol and 1 79b were found to be more active against carbachol than their carbon analogues 173a and 179a, respectively: sila-difenidol is about 20 times more active than difenidol, and 179b acts 7 times stronger than 1 79a. The silicon compound 179b exhibits also a greater histaminolytic activity (~5 : 1) than its carbon analogue 1 79a. Sila-tiemonium iodide was found to be 6 times more active against histamine than tiemonium iodide itself. 59 R. Tacke and U. Wannagat In vitro tests with the pair 173a/I 73b on the left auricle of guinea pigs resulted also in different intensities of activity.

Both compounds were found to lead to a prolongation of the refractory period. ) + H20(H*) ~ /OH CH2_CH2_CH2_CI + 2 HNCsHIo - [H2NCsHIo]CI C> CY C=O CL /CI Cl,~i~'H ~"NC/OH ! CI [n zPtCI~I Cl> i ~CH2_CH2_CH2C1 + 2 HNCsHIo - + 2 HNCsHto IH:NCsHjo]CI + 2 C6HsMgCI - 2 MgCI2 ~Si//el 4 _ [H2NCsH,olCl ~CH2-CH2-CH2CI ~ . / N ~ "~ S,~ +H:O 9 / - - ' ~ - HNCsH,$ ~Si/OH "NCH=_CH:~_CH 2_N~ (173b) + H 2 0 ( O H ~) --H ~Si//H + CIMgCH2CHzCHzNCsH1o - MgCI~ Scheme 22. Synthesesof difenidoland sila-difenidol 60 I~si/H ~~CHz-CH2--CH2-N~ 2 Syntheses and Properties of Bioactive Organo-Silicon Compounds larger intensity as compared with its carbon analogue.

10-6 : ...... 10-4 ~' "~ -100 I : ...... I 10-5 (mol/l) ~T 10-~ Z ...... I I 10-~ ~ It f ,/I I ] I 10-s (rnol/I) - 't . :" 2 I 10-4 CH3 El O-CH2-CH2-N~cH3 EI=C : ~ El= Si : . . . Control : .......... Fig. 3. Dose-activity curves of chlorphenoxamine and sila-chlorphenoxamine 49 R. Tacke and U. Wannagat vivo tests with sila-mephenhydramine, sila-clofenetamine, and some of their derivatives have demonstrated the antitremorine activity 113, 114) of these compounds, which is also of a short duration because of hydrolysis.

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