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By Karen O'Connor

Updated in a new 2011 Texas edition, American executive: Roots and Reform provides the historic context scholars have to comprehend our govt and the main the most important and debatable matters affecting the kingdom within the twenty first century. This bestselling booklet has been commonly revised to supply in-depth assurance of President Barack Obama’s first years in workplace and the 111th Congress, the 2010 congressional elections, persisted matters concerning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and household matters regarding future health care reform and the economy.

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau. xxxiv What Should I Have LEARNED? 1 Trace the origins of American government, p. 4. p American government is rooted in the cultures and experiences of early European colonists as well as interactions with the indigenous populations of the New World. The first colonists sought wealth. Later pilgrims came seeking religious freedom. The colonies set up systems of government that differed widely in terms of form, role, and function. As they developed, they sought more independence from the British monarchy.

Insufficient numbers of settlers opted to pursue agricultural ventures, and people began to starve. Settlers died from hunger, Indian attacks, lack of proper supplies, and disease. The State Constitution and The Legislative Branch of Government 3 The United States is a nation of immigrants. At left is an artist s rendition of the first permanent English settlement in the New World, Jamestown, in what is today Virginia. At right, American immigrants take an oath of citizenship in 2010. Today, the people who make up the American body politic are far more diverse than those who settled in Virginia or any of the other thirteen original colonies.

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