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By L. Frank Baum

In addition to writing The Wizard of ounces, L Frank Baum additionally wrote many different tales, comparable to this excellent selection of fairy stories. nonetheless as relaxing this day as once they have been written, this glorious assortment will pride all readers.

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In equivalent Rites, a loss of life wizard attempts to move on his powers to an 8th son of an 8th son, who's simply at that second being born. the truth that the son is absolutely a daughter is chanced on slightly too late.

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" This swashbuckling fable is a pleasant pastiche of the 3 Musketeers, a loving tribute to Dumas' period of romance. Brust succeeds, amazingly, in taking pictures the ambience, the Dumas sort, and the 4 characters in thinly disguised shape (Porthos is a feminine! ); yet way more admirable, he manages to contrive a convoluted, unique plot that unearths itself in tantalizing matches and starts off which might make the grasp proud. even as, his distinct global and the mannerisms of the characters stay his personal. "

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His nerves were so shocked that before he had looked around three minutes he decided to give up the adventure, and instantly returned home. This satisfied for a time his desire to visit the earth cities, but soon the monotony of his existence again made him restless and gave him another thought. At night the people slept and the cities would be quiet. He would visit them at night. So at the proper time Popopo transported himself in a jiffy to a great city, where he began wandering about the streets.

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