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By J. Benzing, A. Von Gabain, O. Pritsak, N. Poppe, K. H. Menges, A. Temir, Z. V. Togan, F. Taeschner

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The TOEFL Monograph sequence good points commissioned papers and reviews for TOEFL 2000 and different attempt of English as a international Language software improvement efforts. As a part of the root for the TOEFL 2000 venture, a few papers and stories have been commissioned from specialists in the fields of dimension and language instructing and checking out.

The Use of Gender Markers in Animals

This ebook is a contribution to the examine of the linguistic inspiration of gender. It specializes in the matter of assigning gender to animal nouns. This challenge is topical in view of the truth that in present-day English, gender is a marginal grammatical classification and as a result recedes into the heritage in descriptions of today’s English.

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Aber auch als Inf. ,; und das sind eigentlich die beiden Bedeutungen, die wir zur Erklärung des Inj. brauchen” . The last clause is, in my opinion, incorrect. In both explanations Hirt widely differs from those who like Macdonell4) were inclined to maintain that the inj. originally expressed an injunction, an opinion which, however, cannot be substantiated by a reference to the use o f the “ 2nd and 3rd persons imperfect” as “ regular imperatives” . The works of other scholars writing after Delbrück and before Miss Hahn can for the moment be passed over in silence5).

In the Rg- and Atharvasamhitäs taken as a whole, the flowering-age o f the injunctive, which may have existed at a prehistoric period, already belonged to the past. The conclusion that this form may, or must, be taken as having the same value as an imperative or other forms with which it is oo-ordinated has indeed often been drawn. Reasons o f rhythm or versification, a predilection for traditional phrases and other stylistic factors may have induced poets to compose such lines as AthV. ,164. 2) Cf.

The same remark holds good with regard to the faculty o f assigning experien­ ces to a particular moment or space o f time and o f determining their chronological relation to other experiences 2). The relations of before, after, and simultaneous with, as given in experience, are not mutually exclusive. Protensive events may very well overlap, and therefore we must recognize that the most general relation between them is that o f partial precedence or consequence. So man was, and is, confronted by the problem o f defining momentary events, moments, and serial relations o f before and after in terms o f protensive events and partial precedence.

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