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By Stephen Kinzer

With breezy storytelling and diligent study, Kinzer has reconstructed the CIA's 1953 overthrow of the elected chief of Iran, Mohammad Mossadegh, who used to be wildly renowned at domestic for having nationalized his country's oil undefined.

The coup ushered within the lengthy and brutal dictatorship of Mohammad Reza Shah, extensively visible as a U.S. puppet and himself overthrown by way of the Islamic revolution of 1979. At its top this paintings reads like a secret agent novel, with code names and informants, nighttime conferences with the monarch and a last-minute plot twist whilst the CIA's plan, known as Operation Ajax, approximately is going awry.

A veteran big apple occasions international correspondent and the writer of books on Nicaragua (Blood of Brothers) and Turkey (Crescent and Star), Kinzer has combed memoirs, educational works, executive files and information tales to supply this blow-by-blow account. He indicates that until eventually early in 1953, nice Britain and the Anglo-Iranian Oil corporation have been the imperialist baddies of this story. Intransigent within the face of Iran's calls for for a fairer percentage of oil gains and higher stipulations for staff, British international Secretary Herbert Morrison exacerbated rigidity together with his perspective that the problem from Iran was once, in Kinzer's phrases, "a basic subject of ignorant natives rebelling opposed to the forces of civilization." earlier than the situation peaked, a high-ranking worker of Anglo-Iranian wrote to a high-quality that the company's alliance with the "corrupt ruling classes" and "leech-like bureaucracies" have been "disastrous, outmoded and impractical."

This stands as a textbook lesson in how to not behavior overseas policy.

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