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By Clifford D. Simak

Tensions upward push and terror runs rampant while the citizens of a small city are trapped in the confines in their village by means of an invasive strength from another dimension

not anything a lot ever occurs in Millville, a small, secluded Middle-American community—until the day Brad Carter discovers he's not able to go away. It’s not only the approximately bankrupt actual property agent who’s being held prisoner; another resident can also be being restricted in the town’s limitations by way of an invisible strength box that can not be breached. As neighborhood tensions swiftly succeed in brink, a suite of surprising situations leads Brad to the resource in their captivity, making him humanity’s reluctant ambassador to an alien race of sentient plants, and aware about those jailers’ final intentions. yet a few of Millville’s strongest voters don’t take kindly to Carter’s “collaboration with the enemy,” even lower than the surprising chance of worldwide apocalypse.
a long time earlier than Stephen King trapped a complete city in Under the Dome, technological know-how fiction Grand grasp Clifford D. Simak explored the surprising results of communal captivity on an unsuspecting inhabitants. Nominated for the Nebula Award, All Flesh Is Grass is a riveting masterwork that brilliantly reinvents the alien invasion tale.

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