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1 1 8 1 1 2 Alfoldi, Monarchische Representation p . 140. For the sella curulis in R o m a n tradition, see Wanscher, Sella curulis p . 121-190. Alfoldi, Monarchische Representation p. 140f. 1 1 3 1 . 4 Ibid, p . 243 note 3. " D i e Darstellungen der Denkmaler vergegenwartigen es uns, dass auch dieses Abzeichen der Alleinherrschaft unter d e m Deckmantel der religiosen Ehrung des Souverans mit d e m Z u b e h o r der Gottlichkeit eingeschmuggelt wurde, und sich erst in der Allegorie und kunstlerischen Formengebung festsetzend, dann auch in der Wirklichkeit eingefiihrt w u r d e " , Ibid, p .

Admittedly it is not given explicit expression in the Pudenziana mosaic but we find it on the back of the theme-related S. Ambrogio sarcophagus (111. 13). At the feet of Peter and Paul we find two figures depicted with covered hands and with their attention fixed on the scene's central theme. It is very likely that these figures refer to the deceased for whom the sarcophagus was made. Their bowed heads and the disparity in size between them and the row of apostles presumably show a difference in rank between the groups.

230. 1 3 1 For the reduction o f the collegium o f the apostles during the restoration in 1588, see note 5. g. Matthew 19:28. Ihm, Programme p . 9 note 7. Ibid. p . 9 note 8. CKOUI' 47 I close connections between the apostle collegium and the church space i I sell'. In Ignatius' letter to the congregation in Magnesia such a parallel between God and bishop, apostles and prebyters is explicitly emphasized: "I exhort you:—Be zealous to do all things in harmony with Cod, with the bishop presiding in the place of G o d and the presbyters in the place of the Council of the A p o s t l e s " .

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