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This quantity stories average remedies for spinal dural arteriovenous fistulas, studying the anatomy of arteries and veins of the sylvian fissure, in addition to microsurgical advances and the improvement of contemporary healing options in intracranial meningiomas. The advances part offers a technique for minimizing listening to loss after stereotactic radiosurgery for vestibular schwannomas, in addition to an outline of the mode of motion and biology of ALA, together with its interplay with tumor cells and the boundaries of this technique. A devoted bankruptcy addresses the basic query of the boundaries (and benefits) of varied tractography recommendations and in their value for non-specialists, who should be tempted to take advantage of them uncritically. one other bankruptcy examines molecular markers, that have develop into typical in neuropathological reviews on intracranial tumors, reviewing the prognostic and predictive price of those glossy molecular markers in gliomas. extra chapters around out the assurance, supplying a entire review of normal and complex techniques.

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Sanna M, Di Lella F, Guida M, Merkus P (2012) Auditory brainstem implants in NF2 patients: results and review of the literature. Otol Neurotol 33:154–164 102. Slattery WH, Hoa M, Bonne N, Friedman RA, Schwartz MS, Fisher LM, Brackmann DE (2011) Middle fossa decompression for hearing preservation: a review of institutional results and indications. Otol Neurotol 32:1017–1024 103. Stangerup SE, Caye-Thomasen P (2012) Epidemiology and natural history of vestibular schwannomas. Otolaryngol Clin North Am 45(257–268):vii 104.

The Hokkaido University group did not use corticosteroids in patients who already had practically useless hearing levels; in these patients, very low hearing levels were regularly found at every 3-month-interval follow-up evaluation. In contrast, we advised patients to immediately visit our clinic when they experienced a decrease in hearing level, and corticosteroids were given to all patients regardless of their hearing levels. The range of the PTA scores at visiting our clinic was wide, from 32 to 60 dB.

For the visualization in the operating room and especially in the surgical field applying heads-up technology of modern navigation microscopes, most approaches provided by basic neuroscience did not satisfy the needs for neurosurgical use. Tensor glyphs visualizing DW-MRI data, as well as advanced renderings of anatomical tracts with graph-based representations of functional connectivity data visualizing the human connectome [42], all illustrate different aspects of major white matter tracts and connectivity; however these may not be suitable or the ideal solution for the representation in the clinical routine or even directly in the surgical field.

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