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By V. H. Holsinger (auth.), P. F. Fox (eds.)

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It crystallizes readily from water and is stable at 30°C and 81% RH. It loses its water of crystallization at temperatures above 35oC so it must be stored at or below ambient temperature. Lactulose has important uses in the pharmaceutical industry. , 1993). Portal systemic encephalopathy is manifested when ammonia, produced in the intestine, is not removed from the blood by the liver; lactulose regulates intestinal activity, stimulates the growth of Bifidobacterium, and suppresses ammonia production by intestinal bacteria and lowers ammonia absorption.

REFERENCES 31 It has been proposed that fermenting whey anaerobically has the potential to produce calcium magnesium acetate for about the same price as rock salt, $20 to $40 per ton. The compound would be used in place of rock salt as a road deicer as it does not corrode vehicles or harm highway surfaces and surrounding vegetation. The excellent reviews by Hohman (1984) and Zadow (1984, 1986) may be consulted for further information about some of the products and processes mentioned above. For the future, additional high value products that can be prepared from lactose and hydrolysed lactose need to be sought; examples include new nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products and specialized ingredients (Anonymous, 1990).

1969) The crystallization of lactose with particular reference to its occurrence in milk powder, in Proc. First Int. Congr. Food Sci. Techno!. Vol. 1. M. ) London, September 18-21, 1962, Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, New York, pp. 237-45. Carie, M. , New York, pp. 1-249. Carie, M. and Kalab, M. (1987) Effects of drying techniques on milk powders (sic) quality and microstructure: a review. Food Microstructure, 6, 171-80. E. , Jr. (1978) Reaction of lactose with urea. Carbohydr. , 65, 3ll-13.

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