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By Stefan Müller-Doohm

'Even the biographical person is a social category', wrote Adorno. 'It can in simple terms be outlined in a dwelling context including others.' during this significant new biography, Stefan Muller-Doohm turns this maxim again on Adorno himself and offers a wealthy and complete account of the existence and paintings of 1 of the main incredible minds of the 20 th century.

This authoritative biography levels around the entire of Adorno's existence and profession, from his early life and scholar years to his years in emigration within the usa and his go back to postwar Germany. while, Muller-Doohm examines the whole diversity of Adorno's writings on philosophy, sociology, literary concept, track thought and cultural feedback. Drawing on an array of resources from Adorno's own correspondence with Horkheimer, Benjamin, Berg, Marcuse, Kracauer and Mann to interviews, notes and either released and unpublished writings, Muller-Doohm situates Adorno's contributions within the context of his occasions and gives a wealthy and balanced appraisal of his value within the twentieth Century as a complete.

Muller-Doohm's transparent prose succeeds in making obtainable essentially the most advanced components of Adorno's proposal. This remarkable biography may be the normal paintings on Adorno for years yet to come.

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26 School experiences of a precocious youth At grammar school Theodor did not have good handwriting, but it must have been passable. For he received good marks in all subjects and top marks in most subjects, except for mathematics, physics and handwriting (in those days pupils were still given marks for the neatness of their handwriting). He was exempted from gym lessons and religious instruction. In his leaving certificate, on 2 March 1921, he was even given high marks for ‘behaviour’ and ‘diligence’.

Teddy had a few close friends who, like him, failed to notice that some enemy or other had stuck a piece of paper on his back with the word ‘Teddy’ in large letters. In a trice there was a howling mob after him shouting ‘Teddy’ at their unsuspecting victim. At the time, Teddy was a slightly built, shy boy who simply did not realize what was going on. We all knew that he was Jewish. But the uproar in the playground was not an anti-Semitic demonstration. Its target was this unique person who outshone even the best boys in the class.

He was the true rediscoverer of Amorbach and used to bring singers from the festival ensemble there. Something of the luxurious Bayreuth style of life with its caviar and champagne transferred itself to the Post House Inn. At any rate, the kitchen and cellar surpassed everything that was to be expected of a country hostelry. I have a very clear memory of one of the singers, although I cannot have been more than ten at the time. He readily engaged me in conversation once he had noticed my passion for music and the theatre.

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