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All being performed, we went to Mrs Shipmans, who's a superb butter-woman; and that i did see there the main of milke and cream, and the cleanest, that I ever observed in my lifestyles (29 may perhaps 1661). between others, Sir Wm. Petty did inform me that during stable earnest, he hath in his will left such elements of his property to him that can invent such and such issues -as between others, that may become aware of really the best way of milk getting into the breasts of a girl .

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J. Phys. , Ref. Data l, 71, 1953. ' 841, 1972. 10. , Vial, J. J. Chirn. , To be Pub1ished 1988. 11. , These de Doetorat d'Etat, Mai 1980. 11 21. 91 21. 83 21. m-2) at 20°C and'6'D/orat io. 99 see reference 11. m- 2 1 at 20°C and i '/~ ratio. m- 2 ) . 42 11. R. Shanahan,* P. Schreck, J. Schultz Centre de Recherches sur la Physico-Chimie des Surfaces Solides and Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Mulhouse, 3, rue Alfred Werner, 68093 Nulhouse Cedex, FRANCE 1. INTRODUCTION Consider two optically flat solids put into intimate Cmolecular) contact.

9999), when the surface energy of PDMS is expressed as a linear contribution of group (-CH3' -Si-, -0-) of the molecules. m- 2 . 9999 500 o Figure 7. 25 50 4(m-3) Linear relationship for polymethylsiloxanes. Determination of surface energy for PDMS at 2ü o e. 41 4. m- 2 . 42 3. If polymers are DISCUSSION considered as liquids of weight, the group contribution account the crystallinity of surface properties. considered thermal method polymers However, treatment, three and are hypothetic materials, but the structural polydispersity defects, its of the take into effects on polymers depending on their scarcely values of surface energy not and are particularly crystalline, calculated infinte molecular does amorphous.

A Calculation of (PE from aseries of non polar liquids Surface energies of n-alkanes summarized at several temperatures are 20 0 C the in Table A-l for n between 5 and 36. compounds are not liquid physical meaning if n <5. 9998 200 o Figure 1. 5 10 15 n-5 Linear re1ationship between n(( n and n-5 for n-a1kanes. Determination of surface energy of PE at 20 o C. )] 6 5~ 5 + (n-5)lS'co Figure 1 shows the variation of n'6 n at 20 0 C as a function of n-5, for n varying relationship is linear the from 5 to obtained with regression, r, A 20.

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