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By Wilhelm Windelband

This Elibron Classics booklet is a facsimile reprint of a 1901 variation by means of the Macmillan corporation, long island.

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IV, 4, 18 ff. and 28), he willspeak of the faculties closely linked with the body as part of the individual, not unreasonably since the He is merely considering the same data from body does after all belong to us. different standpoints. In So the souls that diverged a t the top have converged again a t the bottom. a way we have come full circle. We have seen t h a t Plotinus' statements about the unity of souls may a t times be unsatisfactory. But when we reach the point where t h a t unity might be most completely lost, we find t h a t i t will explain what would otherwise be a serious inconsistency about our lower soul.

There is a n exception to the general rule that body plays a large part in determining what happens to the soul. ; IV, 3, 8, 5-9) and its memories in particular (IV, 4, 3, 3-6). 1 I t followed that former lives could influence the soul. But a t a theoretical first incarnation this last influence ( I ] Cf. A. N . M. Rrcrr, 'Reincarnation in Plotinus', Mnemosyne, ser. 4,10, 1957, p. 232-8. I I WORLD-SOUL, INDIVIDUAL SOUL 61 would not be applicable. ). is true of the star souls, which here again are to be classed with world soul even though they are in fact individual souls (cf.

Hence what matters is the chain of command between NoGq and the lower manifestations of Soul which Plotinus elsewhere calls cpJcr~c. The world soul, like the soul of the individual, has direct access to N o k , in certain circumstances, and the translation of what is in No;< into the creation of our world is a case where such access is likely to be emphasised. But we should not infer that the access of any entity to higher forms of being means that other forms of being may not exist between. After all the possibility of mystic union for the individual does not imply the abolition of Noii:.

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