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The TOEFL Monograph sequence positive factors commissioned papers and experiences for TOEFL 2000 and different attempt of English as a overseas Language application improvement efforts. As a part of the basis for the TOEFL 2000 undertaking, a couple of papers and experiences have been commissioned from specialists in the fields of size and language educating and trying out.

The Use of Gender Markers in Animals

This e-book is a contribution to the research of the linguistic suggestion of gender. It makes a speciality of the matter of assigning gender to animal nouns. This challenge is topical in view of the truth that in present-day English, gender is a marginal grammatical class and accordingly recedes into the history in descriptions of today’s English.

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The one thing which they left on him through an oversight were several gold, silver, and boar bone teeth fixed around his belt. The oak idol sighed once more when he remembered how, showering him with blows from a whip, they dragged him by horse reins down the high hill to a steep precipice and then pushed him into the rapid waves. He remembered how he kept plunging and circling in the eddies and being carried farther and farther away from the town that had betrayed him. For many years the overthrown god soaked entangled in the roots of the eroded shore and then, having become submerged, he rolled along the river bottom to this peaceful pool.

An instant more, assuming the size of a young birch tree, but two and a half times taller than the utoplennik, the Leshy stood before him, with pointed head, disheveled, overgrown with fur like wood moss and, apparently, very irate. “What are you doing here? ” angrily squealed the forest master, nicknamed Green-Goat (he was so named because of the shape of his beard and the color of his fur), raising a heavy club of knotted wood at the newcomer. Sensing that he was in a situation reminiscent of olden times, when the mounted patrol or the forest warden himself would catch him in the state forest with a sled full of cut wood, Pull-bythe-Leg deemed it necessary to fall to his knees.

A statue of Perun stood outside the palace of Vladimir I but was cast into the Dnieper River after Vladimir accepted Christianity in 988 A. D. A Demonological Novel 5 moon had not yet reached her pale face. A catfish lay like a motionless log near the drowned girl, his dissolute whiskers feeling the bluish-white nakedness of her thighs and belly barely glimmering in the gloom. “Clear out, you fool! Just look at how he’s spread out his long bristles! ” And with the heel of his strong webbed foot, the Vodyanoi poked the ribs of his old servant, who at times even served as his horse.

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