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By M. I Dubrovin

The Russian language is extremely idiomatic. The idioms, half and parcel of the language, upload immensely to its richness. Their sort is accounted for via the ancient improvement of the Russian language. usually Russian idioms are a stumbling block for non-Russian audio system, as they fail to appreciate Russian, either written and spoken, with no the mastery of a enough variety of idioms, specifically these which happen such a lot frequently.
This ebook is meant basically for English talking scholars of Russian who've an information of the necessities of Russian grammar and are acquainted with a uncomplicated Russian vocabulary.

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Be in a perilous state Cf. To h a n g by a thread; to hang by a single hair. 54. В И С Е Т Ь НА Т Е Л Е Ф О Н Е vis'et' na t'el'efon'e To be hanging on the telephone. To talk incessantly on t h e telephone, to s p e n d hours on t h e telephone. Cf. To sit on t h e phone. ВИТАТЬ В ОБЛАКАХ vitat' v o b l a k a k h То be hovering in the clouds. To live in a d r e a m world, to indulge in d a y - d r e a m s not a t t e n d i n g to e v e r y d a y matters; to let one's t h o u g h t s w a n d e r .

Cf. He wouldn't h u r t a fly; he looks as if b u t t e r w o u l d n ' t melt in his mouth. 64. ВОЙТИ В И С Т О Р И Ю voyti v istoriyu To go down in history. To become f a m o u s ; to be r e m e m b e r e d as a r e m a r k a b l e event. Cf. To m a k e history; to go down in history. 65. ВОЙТИ В К О Л Е Ю voyti v kol'eyu То get into the rut. To r e t u r n to one's h a b i t u a l w a y of life to settle down into a n o r d i n a r y w a y to get back into one's routine; to r e t u r n to normal.

Cf. To be on the tip of one's tongue. 38 41. В Е Ш А Т Ь HOC v'eshat' nos To hang one's nose. To be crest-fallen, discouraged, despondent; to look dejected. 42. В З В Е Ш И В А Т Ь СВОИ СЛОВА vzv'eshivat' svoi slova To weigh one's words. To choose or u s e one's words w i t h deliberation; to give something a : comprehensive \ evaluation. Cf. To weigh our'» words. члХам, I Ц^с w w j 43. В З Д О Х Н У Т Ь СВОБОДНО vzdokhnut' svobodno То breathe freely. To feel relieved of one's cares or troubles.

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